The Hope Diary: Step Six, Allowing God to Remove All Defects.

     Are you ready to become a beautiful butterfly my overcomers? Ok, let’s go!! Step six of the twelve-step program is all about being ready and willing to let God or your Higher Power (whomever or whatever you choose to worship) remove your defects of character that you took inventory of in Step Four and confessed to your trusted sponsor/mentor/pastor/unbiased friend, which was referenced in Step Five.

Step Six is one that was difficult for me the first time around. It was, in all honesty, like breaking up for good with a lover that I knew wasn’t good for me yet I couldn’t help but sneak back in his bed every night. My addiction had left me high and dry for 17 years, and had almost killed me, yet I couldn’t stand the thought deep down of leaving it totally and completely. It was like a comfort blanket that was always there and I was, in fact, acting like a baby as long as I stuck around. Did I want to continue to be a baby all my life or did I want to dig my heels deep into the Earth and become ALL that God had created me to be? Step Six is crucial because it requires humility and surrendering to say “OK, I see now all of my defects as well as my strengths from Step Four, and I accept them. I am totally powerless over them, and I allow God to work in my life instead of me always trying to take control because obviously, I haven’t done such a fantastic job at that in my life.” Step Six also celebrates the strengths listed in Step Four and uses them as confidence to say, “You know what? I am pretty awesome. Yes I have made many mistakes in my life, but, with God on my side and living this new, humble way, I believe that I can live life totally victorious. I don’t have to go through life anymore in a defeated, self-pity mindset.” That’s an amazing feeling, let me tell you! So Step Six basically pauses, reflects on Steps Four and Five, and has a humble and wiling attitude to let God use us to act in a different way that will bring us to abstinence daily, and become all that we can be. God has an amazing plan for each and every one of our lives, but until we are open to letting Him do it His way, we won’t ever truly experience the fullness of that Glory. Here are the Step Six exercises for you to read and reflect on as you walk through your recovery program. Remember, you are never alone! You are already a winner for being here and trying. Keep coming back to recovery.

“Step Six Life Recovery Workbook”

Bible Reading (Genesis 23 1-4) 35:19-21

1. What defects identified in Step Four and five that are standing in the way of your recovery and service to God? Make a list.

2. What have each of these defects done for me or against me? List the defect than list the positive of it and the negative thing For example: Fear- how has helped me. It keeps me safe because without it I would not be afraid of danger. How does it hinder me? List any others and give examples Write about what you will miss about your defects and what you look forward to when these are removed. Write what you have learned about yourself in seeing the positive and the negatives parts. Have a burial service. The old has passed away, so burn what you have written or rip up the list of defects you have now given to God.

Read Psalm 51; 16-19
1. How have the last five steps prepared you to be “entirely ready” for God to work in your heart?

2. In this psalm David had to grow up a little. He had to accept that he was flawed in God’s eyes, and that he could never being a sacrifice good or perfect enough to atone for those flaws. Are you still trying to bring God evidence of how good you are or are you coming to a place of acceptance as David did? How does that acceptance help you stay out of your addiction? Explain.

Removing Deeper Hurts Reading Jonah 4 4-8
1. What deeper problems did my addiction shelter from my awareness? Pride? Ego centrism? Fear? Anger? Hatred? The arrogance of believing that life should go the way I want?

2. What difficulties have I suffered due to lack of forgiveness or compassion for others?

3. Am I ready to have these defects removed by God? Why or why not?

Removed not imported
Read Romans 6:5-11
1. What self-improvement tactic and methods have I used to get myself to let go of my addiction and character flaws? Mediate and dwell on the thought that “we are no longer slaves to sin (our addiction). FOR when we died with Christ we were set free from the power of sin (addictions) Romans 6:6-7) describe the feelings that arise during that time of reflection.


Attitudes and Actions
Philippians 3:12-14
1. Do I have a vision of the purpose for which God saved me spiritually and took me out of addiction? Describe

2. Am I willing to accept that I will continue taking the step in order to grow, letting go of the old flaws to make new for the new strength? Why or why not? To be ready to battle means that we are appropriately equipped to meet the enemy, when we are ready to allow God to clean things up, there are battles to be fought that require us to be armed and ready.

3. Peter 4:1 seems to hold the key for what prepares us for battle with our character and its defects. Peter tells us to arm ourselves with the attitude of Christ, who was prepared and willing to suffer. For it is when we are willing to suffer that we are ready to stop sinning. Are you ready? If not, it’s time to become ready.”

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Thank you to The Life Recovery Workbook by Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop for allowing me to reprint for the purpose of healing and passing the message of hope to those who still suffer.

God Bless,

Nikki DuBose

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