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“Who am I?” – Let’s Talk Identity

We, as a society, have an identity crisis. We don’t know who we are, and as a result we escape in work, vanity, the numbers game, sex, money, addictions, food – anything we can to fill the void inside. These disguises might start out innocent, but they can turn out to be downright deadly because nothing from this world can give us our worth. Nikki DuBose uncovers where true identity comes from and how she went from a broken child who wore masks to please others, to an addicted adult who clung to her disorders and career, to finally a woman who was stripped away from her disguises and freed from the pain of her past by the light of the Holy Spirit.

“Washed Away: From Darkness to Light”

Reflecting on her memoir, Washed Away: From Darkness to Light, Nikki DuBose details her recovery from a more than seventeen year battle with childhood abuse, sexual victimization, eating disorders, self-harm, body dysmorphic disorder, addictions, suicide, and various mental health issues, all while trying to navigate through the dark side of the modeling industry. Her story of personal transformation and eventual shift into spirituality and activism will inspire and plant hope into the hearts of those who struggle from similar situations.

Eating Disorders & Child Sexual Abuse: Education, Prevention & Healing

Eating disorders and trauma – especially child sexual abuse – often go hand-in-hand. In America alone, eating disorders affect an estimated 30,000,000 individuals, and child sexual abuse, 43,000,000. However, child sexual abuse is an issue that seen as shameful and is usually pushed “under the rug,” leaving its victims to suffer in silence while perpetrators continue living unscathed. In order to break the vicious cycle, it is necessary to educate and discuss prevention methods. Drawing upon her current role as President of Peaceful Hearts Foundation and former work with Project Heal SoCal, Nikki discusses how she overcame child sexual victimization and eating disorders, prevention techniques, and offers tips and resources to help survivors heal.

B.E.A.U.T.Y: Using Art Therapy to Express Your True Beauty

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Someone beautiful? A worthy, child of God? Or are you depressed because you see a reflection comprised of the negative images that others have projected onto you? B.E.A.U.T.Y utilizes art therapy – painting, drawing, poetry, and the like, to encourage participants to visualize and express their feelings. Through art therapy, individuals are guided and taught to create an image of what they believe is their inner beauty. Nikki DuBose shares some of her personal experiences from the modeling industry, how success and “fame” left her empty, and uses art to connect individuals to their true selves.

Mental Health & the Modeling Industry: Why Education is so Important

In an industry that is poorly regulated, what critical changes need to take place to ensure that the health of models – and the health of society – improves? Current research shows that 40% of models suffer from some sort of eating disorder. Agents work closely with males and females within the industry, yet they are often unaware of the issues that affect them – issues like eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder and sexual harassment. If we can change the way that the health standards are within the industry, then this can in turn have a better impact on society. Models need to understand that they are not “hangers” made to merely turn a profit for the designers, clients and executives in the industry. They are worthy, valuable individuals with incredible capacities to make changes in this world – they can be some of the biggest role models in society. Where we can have education, we can have healing and change.

Change Yourself, Change the World: Be an Advocate for Positive Change

Nikki DuBose discusses how many times she failed in her life, and how it was perseverance and the decision to finally love herself that got her to where she is today. Oftentimes we want to change the world and solve big issues, but we haven’t even dealt with ourselves. Everything begins with examining our own lives first. Self-love is one of the most powerful tools we can have; when we love God, love ourselves and love others, we can be an advocate for positive change in the world.

Starting a Soul Revolution in an Image-Obsessed Society

We live in an image-obsessed society. Even though our culture has made great strides in body diversity and talking about important body image issues, there is one critical subject we are leaving out: our souls! Let us never forget that we are our souls, and the outer will fade away, but our souls will forever remain. Let us take the time to love and nourish them, and see others for who they really are, which is not comprised of the exterior. Nikki DuBose talks about how you can start a soul revolution in your home and community – there are no limits as to the impact you can make when you focus on what really matters!

Psychosis and Depression in a Modern World – Breaking Free of the Stigma

Nikki was diagnosed with psychosis and major depressive disorder in 2015, but she hasn’t let that stop her from experiencing everything life has to offer. This talk combines both education and her experiences with the two. Psychosis is a little understood set of symptoms, and major depressive disorder, also known as clinical depression, affects over 15 million American adults in a given year. Yet Nikki believes that recovery is possible, and with the right mindset and tools, we can go on to live happy, productive lives.

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