NEDA: “I Am an Overcomer”

“There is so much hope in life. I am an overcomer, and if you don’t think that you have anything to hope or live for, please understand that the complete opposite is true. You are a miracle, and you are someone else’s miracle, if you choose to believe it.

‘Oh, a model with an eating disorder,’ the annoyed lady blurted out at the recovery center last year where my mother was in treatment for a long battle with alcoholism. I quickly assured her that although I had been modeling for the past few years; my eating disorder had nothing to do with my career. My mom went on to explain to her that I been battling the disease since childhood, and shot me a sympathetic look. ‘Oh,’ I’m so sorry, Nikki, I didn’t know, I just assumed…you know…model…eating disorder…’ the woman replied empathetically. ‘Don’t worry about it,’ I said, ‘I understand.'”

Read more on The National Eating Disorders Association.

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  1. Scott, Charlotte and I, and our dear church failmy pray for you and Sandy daily. You two are super saints in our eyes. I know you’re too far down the path to question our God’s sovereign ways, yet, though the spirit is willing, the flesh is sometimes weak, therefore, our prayers are for the flesh. God somehow uses our weak flesh to make us strong spiritually. That being said, perhaps our prayer should be, bring on the weakness that in all things He might have the preeminence.

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