In Memory of Art Janov

I am very sad today. A dear friend and brilliant psychologist who I learned alot from, Art Janov, passed away. The funeral was today and it is with a heavy heart that I relay this news. When Olivier and I were married, we would spend nights at his house, watching plays that Art, Olivier, and David Foster had worked on.

Art taught me alot about psychology and psychiatry. We would send long emails pertaining to epigenetics and other studies and theories. As someone who is studying to become a psychologist, I looked up to Art tremendously. He pioneered Primal Therapy, if you aren’t familiar, you can find out about it here. 

Today at the funeral, they played Céline Dion’s song, The Colour of My Love. Most of you may not know, but Art wrote the lyrics to the song, while David Foster composed the music. My ex husband and I are very good friends, like brother and sister, and I am extremely proud of the work that he has done with David over the years. Art and Olivier were close.

Most of all, the world has lost a tremendous human being. I think of France, Art’s wife, a magnificent artist. I loved spending time in her art studio and relaxing amongst the flowers. They were a splendid, loving couple. God be with you, Art. Love to you in Heaven.

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