Help me get dressed for my French book tour! (and score some goodies!)


Friends! February 26 – March 2, 2018 I’ll be in Paris, France promoting my French memoir, Dans l’enfer du mannequinat.
Help me get ready for my French book tour by choosing jewelry (my favorite!) and clothes at random times which I’ll post on social media and wear during my book stops in Paris while promoting my memoir. After the tour, I’ll giveaway some of the items (jewelry, purses, etc.,) to some of my fans along with signed Copies of my memoir!

Today’s earrings are by Marchesa and the bracelets are from Nordstrom.

PUBLISHER: Éditions du Rocher
RELEASE DATE: February 14, 2018
WHERE: In French bookstores everywhere!
SYNOPSIS: Nikki DuBose was a top international model living with mental illness. The memoir details life in the fast lane of the high fashion world of modeling as Nikki battles drug addiction, rape by a photographer, severe eating disorders, psychosis, and depression. In 2012, Nikki made the decision to walk away from a career that most would kill for, and she did it all out of love for God and to save her life. Would you do the same?
Check out Editions Du Rocher for the release! 
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