Give up on Me: One Stubborn Patient, Two Persistent Providers and the Struggle to Heal

“Bri saved her own life”

Bri credits Amy and Dr. Rajendran for saving her life. “I told them things,” she says, “I couldn’t imagine ever telling anyone.”

“To me,” says Amy, “Bri saved her own life. I just supported her along the way. She did the work.”

Seven months later, Bri is still doing the work. When she feels depressed, anxious or like she wants to hurt herself, she tells someone. She talks about it and gets the support she needs. She started a body-image blog, which has picked up followers as far off as Germany. She got her GED and is going to school to become a psychiatric nurse. She wants to pay it forward.

Read this inspirational story at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

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