Coaching & Consulting

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Nikki provides private recovery coaching services for trauma and eating disorder related issues, over Skype and Zoom. Please visit her website, to find out more and to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation. Please note that due to Nikki’s busy travelling and writing schedule, appointments must be requested far in advance.


Nikki is a passionate policy consultant and national advocate. Working on bills in California and New York has trained her firsthand in public policy and advocacy. She acts as a liaison between the public, elected officials, volunteers, community partners, and advocates for various nonprofits. Nikki works as one of the lead organizers for public policy and community outreach initiatives. As a policy consultant, one of her main responsibilities includes keeping abreast of pending legislation,  conducting research, working on maintaining and expanding strategic partnerships in government, the community and with relevant organizations.

Please email for further information regarding consulting fees.