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Investigation Discovery Presents, “The Dark Side of the Modeling Industry”

Modeling, Abuse, and Mental Health. Watch Nikki’s interview on Investigation Discovery on how she survived it all and went on to write a memoir entitled, Washed Away: From Darkness to Light (in French, Dans L’Enfer Du Mannequinat).

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I never “Chose” my Choices

I have been receiving so many comments from people in Europe (as well as the United States) regarding why I chose to sleep with the director of my modeling agency.
It is so clear to me why I put that part of my life in my memoirs: because I was sexually abused as a little girl by my mother and a male family member, which I also describe in my book.
I felt it was very important for people to understand why we make certain choices. For me, I felt pressured to follow a career where my face would be in the public because I had such low self esteem due to the remnants of sexual abuse in my childhood.

Sexual abuse is so damaging, that it can lead you to make terrible decisions as an adult and affect you in every single area of your life. So for everyone who says, “It was your choice to be a model and to go through the things you went through,” I say to you: it was never my choice to be abused. To be prostituted by my mom as a kid. To be exposed to the things I was in my childhood and I know that in my modeling career the mental health issues I had greatly affected my choices – we always have to look at why people are the way they are.

I hope my memoir will shed a greater light on sexual abuse, mental illness and of course yes, what can happen in the modeling industry but the book is about so much more than that.


J’ai reçu tellement de commentaires de personnes en Europe (ainsi qu’aux États-Unis) concernant les raisons pour lesquelles j’ai choisi de dormir avec le directeur de mon agence de mannequinat.
Il est si clair pour moi pourquoi j’ai mis cette partie de ma vie dans mes mémoires: parce que j’ai été abusée sexuellement comme une petite fille par ma mère et un membre de la famille masculine, que je décris également dans mon livre.
J’ai senti qu’il était très important que les gens comprennent pourquoi nous faisons certains choix. Pour moi, je me suis senti obligé de suivre une carrière où mon visage serait dans le public parce que j’avais une si faible estime de soi en raison des restes d’abus sexuels dans mon enfance.

La violence sexuelle est si préjudiciable qu’elle peut vous mener à des décisions terribles en tant qu’adulte et vous affecter dans tous les domaines de votre vie. Donc, pour tous ceux qui disent: «C’était votre choix d’être un modèle et de passer à travers les choses que vous avez traversées», je vous dis: ce n’était jamais mon choix d’être abusé. Être prostituée par ma mère enfant. Pour être exposé aux choses que j’étais dans mon enfance et je sais que dans ma carrière de mannequinat les problèmes de santé mentale que j’avais ont grandement affecté mes choix – nous devons toujours regarder pourquoi les gens sont comme ils sont.

J’espère que mon mémoire éclaircira davantage les abus sexuels, la maladie mentale et, bien sûr, oui, ce qui peut arriver dans l’industrie du mannequinat, mais le livre parle de beaucoup plus que cela.

BFM TV (France) Troubles alimentaires et psychiques: un ex-mannequin témoigne dans un livre

Watch the video here

Regardez la vidéo ici

Aufeminin – Dans L’enfer Du Mannequinat

Watch the video here 

Regardez la vidéo ici

Abus sexuels, boulimie, anorexie, tentatives de suicide… Nikki DuBose a tout affronté. Aujourd’hui, elle se raconte dans un livre “Dans l’enfer du mannequinat, une industrie qui détruit”, poignant.

LCI TV (France)VIDÉO – “Plus je perdais de poids, plus on me disait que j’étais belle” : une ex-mannequin raconte l’enfer de l’anorexie

Watch the video here

Regardez la vidéo ici


La Fashion Week vient de s’ouvrir à Paris. Mais ne lui en parlez pas. “Quand j’étais mannequin ici, c’était horrible. J’ai des amies qui y participent mais pour moi, ce n’est rien. Je préfère aller manger un burger, je m’en moque”, lâche-t-elle dans un éclat de rire. Nikki DuBose a pris ses distances avec un univers dans lequel elle s’est totalement perdue. L’ancienne mannequin était de passage dans la capitale française cette semaine pour promouvoir ses mémoires, L’Enfer du mannequinat (Editions du Rocher)…


Self-love during the Holidays

Do you love your feet? Do something for me, please. I want you to remove your shoes, your socks, and wiggle your toes. Now really feel your feet. Feel the magic of your toes. Feel how amazing it is to have ten toes, ten toenails. Now I want

you to look at your feet and study your toenails. Do you like your toenails? Do you think that they are beautiful? Maybe, maybe not.

When I was a kid, I hated my feet. I hated my big, country feet. I wanted to have any other size feet but mine. All of the girls in my class seemed to have tiny, petite feet that made them gracious and therefore, more worthy of love. To me, having big feet meant that I wasn’t pretty, and it was one more thing on my ever-growing list that made me determined to change myself.

I started despising myself at a very young age, around the age of eight. And a lot of that had to do with trauma in my own family. There was a lot of turmoil, abuse, and things that were not my fault, things that were out of my control. And so to regain some sort of sense of control, I developed what we know as binge eating disorder at eight years old, then bulimia nervosa at ten. The bulimia nervosa took hold of my life and took away every chance that I had to function at school, to make friends, to finish college, and to have a truly successful modeling career.

And although I was a “top model” for about ten years, my career was a lie. I was engaging in my behaviors multiple times a day because I didn’t know any other way to live. I didn’t know how to eat without my eating disorder, I didn’t know what it meant to live without depression, without PTSD, without suicidal thoughts, and so on. So I had the career that I had always wanted, but the price that I paid was very high. I couldn’t separate the fame, the money, the job from living in a mental health nightmare. And that’s not really living.

I was in all of the magazines that you see today – Glamour, Vogue, Maxim – my agency was priming me for the top of the top. I travelled all over the world and lived in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Germany, Italy, Paris, Israel; I mean you name it, and I probably experienced it. And although I had all of these industry professionals telling me that I was beautiful, I couldn’t see any beauty in myself. My eating disorder and other mental health issues clouded my ability to see my real beauty, which is my heart, my soul, my talents, not my face, not my body, not a number on a scale, not the image that was being sold for a profit for other people’s happiness which changed on any particular day.

One day people in the modeling business loved me and they thought that I was the perfect model, and the next day they hated me and told me that I needed to drastically alter my appearance. So eventually what I realized which coincided with my mother’s addictions and mental health issues was that I was never going to make other people happy, which made me extremely unhappy, and it was making extremely sick, to the point of nearly dying. Towards the end of my modeling career in 2012, I had developed anorexia nervosa. And as we know, anorexia nervosa has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. So I had to get to the point where I had to make a very important decision and that was to love myself for the first time ever. Because as a child who had parents who were addicts, who were abusive, who were emotionally unavailable, I was always looking out for them, and never myself. I was always trying to control, and never letting go, and unable to let a Higher Power come into my life and take over. The idea of “letting go and letting God” was terrifying; I had no idea what boundaries were and what self-love meant.

My mother passed in 2012 from her addictions and when that happened I believed that that was the sign from God (that I resisted at first) that I had to take that step and love myself. And I did. I left my career, I put myself in home care, I got a mentor, a therapist, my husband at the time and his family were wonderful and did whatever it took to help me get better. But, I did the leg work. It’s very easy to say we are going to get recovered. I did that dance for many years. But let me tell you that when I was going through home care it was about two to three years that I didn’t have anyone around me from the modeling business to tell me, “You’re going to be ok.” 

I didn’t have hardly anyone from my family around to care for me, my mother had just died, and I was taking a completely new path. So my recovery was pretty much a blind one. I had to to trust a power Greater than myself and that required being humble, it required letting go of my ego, it required having faith, and that was a day by day process. My mentor worked through the twelve steps with me and out of the Life Recovery Bible and Workbook. But in those moments when my husband was at work and I was alone, it was me and God. It was me being tempted to go back to the behaviors, and me literally crying out to Jesus and saying, “God please help me. I cannot do this without you. I need you!” And you know what? God met me every single time. In my lowest, nastiest states.

I would put on worship music, things to uplift my spirit, put on positive sticky notes on the mirror, little love notes that stated, “My worth and value is not determined by my weight.” “I am a child of God.” “I am beautiful.” “I am worthy.” “I am blessed.” And I would force myself to stare at my face and repeat those words, because I was so used to avoiding my face and engaging in the destructive behaviors. I had to retrain my brain. I would get up in the morning and the first thing I would do was listen to positive teaching tapes from people like: Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, and TD Jakes, people who really poured into my spirit, which had been seriously damaged from not just my eating disorder, but all of the depression, the trauma, and other mental health issues.

So my testimony is that I am sober from drugs and alcohol for six years, and free from my eating disorder for five years. I know exactly where you may be at. Yes, our stories are all different, and it feels very, very hard. It feels like there’s no hope. But I believe that when we don’t have hope in our own strength, we have hope in our Higher Power, and for me, that is Jesus Christ. When we are weak, He is strong.

So I do love my big feet. I wrote a blurb on Facebook yesterday, expressing how much I love self-care and getting pedicures, manicures, all that good stuff. Whenever I give talks, I like to do something nice for myself beforehand. It’s kind of like a self-care ritual. And the reason why that’s such a big deal for me is because when I was modeling and I would have a photo shoot, stylists would do my hair and makeup, and the process would take a few hours. But my eating disorder would always get in the way somehow of my being able to appreciate what was being done to my hair, or my nails, or my makeup. So for example, I would be in hair and makeup, then sneak off to the bathroom and purge. Now I am very thankful for the little things, which are really big things. Our bodies are temples that should be nourished and treated with love. When I got my pedicure earlier yesterday, I was reflecting on how much I appreciated my feet (which I used to hate), their size, the color of my skin, and how much I’ve progressed in loving my body and taking care of myself; of how thankful I am to simply be alive.

Now, I want you to think about ways that you can show yourself self-love during this time period. The holidays can sometimes be emotional, but it doesn’t have to be because we always have the choice to replace potentially negative situations with positive ones. I want you to think about yourself as a temple, and how you can nourish your temple. So I’ll give you SIX examples to start off, and these are some of my favorites.

  1. I’m a writer, so I love to write love letters to myself and name all of the things about not only my body that I appreciate, but also my soul and my heart that make me special. The holidays is a perfect time to do that because I have time off from work.
  2. I like to take myself out on a date. What better gift can you give yourself than dating YOU? And here at Rebecca’s House, you can set aside time to “date” yourself and find out more about who you really are. When we have eating disorders and mental health issues, we completely lose ourselves and our identities.
  3. I like to unplug from social media and television, so that I can spend time with me and have little pep talks with myself. I think that in our society, we are way too connected with technology, and not connected enough with ourselves and healthy people.
  4. Express myself, whether that’s through art, writing, singing, composing a song, keeping a gratitude journal, and getting my feelings out about my body, what’s bugging me, but not letting it sit inside. When we hold things in, they have a tendency to control us.
  5. The most important thing for me is spiritual time. In the morning as I mentioned, I need to spend time with my Higher Power, and meditate on what God says about my appearance, that I’m beautiful, that I’m worthy, that I’m perfectly made.
  6. I continue to spend time with my therapist, my dietician, my mentor, and people who have a positive influence on my life. During stressful times like the holidays, if I need to spend more time than usual with these people, then I do so. I am not afraid to say “no” to people who may be unhealthy for my ongoing recovery, and I continue to allow healthy people into my life. And remember, the eating disorder can also be seen as an unhealthy person and I have to continuously say “NO” to that person.


Now I’d love to hear ways that you plan to give yourself some self-love during the holidays and as we go into the New Year. If you’d like to read about how I overcame 17 years of mental health issues, please pick up a copy of my memoir, Washed Away: From Darkness to Light, out now on, and you can now pre-order it in the French language when it is released in France, February 2018 with Editions du Rocher (Title: Dans l’enfer du mannequinat: Une industrie qui détruit).

God Bless,

Nikki DuBose

Child Victims Act: Where do we go from here?

Anxiety is just as much caused by our President and his inability to control his Twitter as it is by other environmental and genetic factors. You just can’t escape politics, the almighty ego club. Social media raised the throne of policy makers to tweet golden promises, but it was clear after this last legislative session in New York that the children were left out in the cold, groveling on their knees once again. The most pitiful aspect about The Child Victims Act never passing the GOP-controlled NY State Senate was that it was never a political issue; boiled down, it was about protecting children from sexual abuse. Sexual abuse that leads to expensive and damaging, potentially life-long mental health conditions.

Financially, a child who endures sexual abuse will spend an average of $210,000 over the course of their lifetime in recovery-related expenses, according to a recent study published in the journal Child Abuse and Neglect. It’s sad to think that we even have to count these costs, but the truth is that, if our families are stable and healthy, are children will be, too. A child protected from sexual abuse and mental illness equals a robust economy and thriving nation.

Read the full article on Hudson Valley 360

Advocates, lawmakers launch early effort to pass Child Victims Act in 2018

Greenberg, along with Dale Driscoll, founder of Brittany’s Law and Nikki DuBose, fellow survivor and national CVA advocate, founded a new nonprofit called The Artist’s League for Change. They recently established an office in California and are now turning their attention to setting up a base in Albany.

“This coalition will be advocating for the Child Victims Act, Brittany’s Law to register convicted domestic violence criminals, Erin’s Law and to stop the insane practice of Conditional releases for serial Child rapists in New York state,” said Greenberg.

The Child Victims Act would also create a one-year look back window during which victims of abuse can take legal action against their abusers. This is the provision that has become the sticking point for the bill’s primary opponent, the Catholic Church.

Read the full article on The Legislative Gazette.

Eating Disorder Hope’s Virtual Conference & My Webinar on Modeling, Inner Beauty, and Mental Health!


ICYMI: My Webinar with Eating Disorder Hope on modeling, inner beauty and mental health is now available to view! Just visit this link and type in password: EDHOPE

For a list of all of the recovery webinars, visit here.


Help me get dressed for my French book tour! (and score some goodies!)


Friends! February 26 – March 2, 2018 I’ll be in Paris, France promoting my French memoir, Dans l’enfer du mannequinat.
Help me get ready for my French book tour by choosing jewelry (my favorite!) and clothes at random times which I’ll post on social media and wear during my book stops in Paris while promoting my memoir. After the tour, I’ll giveaway some of the items (jewelry, purses, etc.,) to some of my fans along with signed Copies of my memoir!

Today’s earrings are by Marchesa and the bracelets are from Nordstrom.

PUBLISHER: Éditions du Rocher
RELEASE DATE: February 14, 2018
WHERE: In French bookstores everywhere!
SYNOPSIS: Nikki DuBose was a top international model living with mental illness. The memoir details life in the fast lane of the high fashion world of modeling as Nikki battles drug addiction, rape by a photographer, severe eating disorders, psychosis, and depression. In 2012, Nikki made the decision to walk away from a career that most would kill for, and she did it all out of love for God and to save her life. Would you do the same?
Check out Editions Du Rocher for the release! 
Want to get on the pre-release reserve? Email

It’s Time to Move On From Politics: My Letter

For nearly three years, it has been a pleasure working in politics as an advocate for issues that I am passionate about: preventing child sexual abuse, regulating the modeling industry, financial transparency, and so forth. I got into politics because of my own desire to make a change; as someone who firsthand encountered child abuse, eating disorders, depression, and sexual harassment/rape in the workplace, I wanted to help others and make changes in the government – where I thought that the biggest mental health/sexual abuse reform could take place.

This past year, I became a Director and Mental Health Co-Chair for Los Angeles County at the League of Women Voters. My time with the League has been a positive one, where I have been given an amazing platform to encourage changes as a woman within the local Los Angeles government, and continue to advocate for issues beyond my normal desire of interest (ex: climate change, financial transparency, homelessness, etc). Together, we at the League even published a guide on permanent supportive housing for those experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles.

When I started mingling in advocacy, it quickly led to working with many lawmakers across the country, and at first, I had an exciting time connecting with others who seemed to want to make changes, too. Unfortunately, I see the current political climate as negative with no light in sight, and shifting from one that focuses on issues to one where everyone is quick to look into other people’s lives instead of their own. Politics is no longer an arena where we work on the issues that really need to be developed (such as mental health and abuse). This discouraging environment of politics has affected my desire to re-enter pushing for bills in 2018, and has gradually wore on my own mental health.

With my new non-profit, The Artists League for Change, we are in the midst of filing our 501(c)3 status and our mission is to prevent mental health issues and abuse, through the creative arts. I knew going into forming this nonprofit that a percentage of the Artists League for Change would comprise advocacy, but I felt well enough to undertake that venture along with my co-founders Gary Greenberg and Dale Driscoll.

It is with a heavy heart but clear mind that I say today: due to the non-stop negativity in the media and in politics, I am stepping down from any advocacy work The Artists League for Change will undertake in 2018. I am turning over advocacy and lobbying over to Gary Greenberg and Dale Driscoll, two passionate New Yorkers who work nonstop to change issues in our government. As I head to our new office here in Los Angeles in the next couple of weeks, however, I will not be involving myself in any political matters; I only want to deal with the creative campaigns we will be undertaking from here on out. I started the Artists League for Change not for pure political reasons (although they made up a percentage), but to promote how the arts can be of tremendous therapy for those who have mental health and abuse issues. This is where I will keep my concentration. 

I am also resigning from the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles County Board, not because of anything the League has done, but again because of the high saturation of negativity within the government. I can’t live my life around politics 24/7, for my mental health and for the family that I want to have one day. We live in a society where news is spread faster than we can comprehend it, and I feel unable to shield myself from the negativity in the media and ultimately, my work.

Thank you,

Overcoming Trauma and Mental Illness with Not Broken Radio, Brett Francis

I just loved recording my story of hope and inspiration with Not Broken Radio, Brett Francis. Listen in, and share your story of overcoming trauma and mental illness. Let me know how my memoir, Washed Away: From Darkness to Light has helped you. Shoot me an email at

With love,


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A special announcement!

A special announcement…

Nikki DuBose is seeking interns for a new, dynamic Coalition (national) dedicated to PREVENTING sexual abuse, assault, harassment and mental health issues for people of all ages. Started by an artist (model and author) for artists. (You don’t have to be an artist to join, just appreciate the creative arts). As the co-founder, Nikki is searching for interns for:
Social Media
Please send interests to:, CC Jan Lewis.

AB 1312 SIGNED into law yesterday by Governor Jerry Brown!

You, the people, responded to the action call to let Governor Jerry Brown know how important it was to sign AB 1312 into law. Because of your support, he listened, and signed AB 1312 into law yesterday, extending rights to 11 million sexual assault survivors in California! THANK YOU.

I want to thank Jerry Brown for signing bills this week to help empower women, children, and families. As a survivor of 17 years of mental health issues and a director of League of Women Voters of Los Angeles and Mental Health Co-Chair, I am so grateful for EVERY piece of legislation that is signed into law to prevent, protect, and empower others. I always say this, but we must step up and help one another as a society – government plays a tremendous role in ensuring that the rest of the nation has a reduction in shame with mental health issues and an improved access to care.
For the full list of bills, visit here.


URGENT! Ask Governor Jerry Brown to SIGN AB 1312 into LAW!

Ashamed that Jerry Brown hasn’t yet signed #AB1312, assigning rights to victims of sexual assault. The bill is just sitting on his desk, and we only have FOUR days to get him to sign it! I am one of the 11 million sexual assault survivors in California, and in the recent news of #Weinstein, we need to come together and not only support other victims, but provide free and low cost services. PLEASE call him at (916) 445-2841, tweet @JerryBrownGov, Facebook Governor Jerry Brown’s Office. and email the governor and demand that he SIGN AB 1312, the Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights into law now! Thank you so much. Please see below:

Sample tweets:

I stand with sexual assault survivors and urge @JerryBrownGov to sign AB1312 Sexual Assaults Survivor Bill of Rights into law.

I urge @JerryBrownGov to sign the CA Sexual Assault Survivor’s Bill of Rights AB1312 to grant basic rights to survivors @RiseNowUS

Join me and @RiseNowUS in urging @JerryBrownGov to sign AB1312 CA Sexual Assault Bill of Rights to provide basic protections to survivors.

Sample language for calls/emails:
I am calling (writing) to voice my support for AB1312, the Sexual Assault Survivor’s’ Bill of Rights that just passed CA. I urge Governor Brown to sign.There are 11 million sexual assault survivors in California alone and I am calling to voice that this is a serious relevant issue. Brave survivors and hard working law enforcement officers deserve commonsense legal protections and clear procedures that ensure access to justice.
Thank you,

DISCLOSE ACT (AB 249) Signed Into Law by Governor Jerry Brown!

Thank you to everyone who called, emailed, travelled to the California State Capitol, and played any part at all pushing for the passing of the DISCLOSE Act (AB 249). Because of you, and after seven long years, Governor Jerry Brown has officially signed the bill into law. I especially want to thank the President of the California Clean Money Campaign, Trent Lange, PhD., (President and Executive Director) and D’Marie Mulattieri (Field Organizer and Accounting Administrator), Logan Smith (Field Organizer), Nancy Neff (Northern California Regional Coordinator), David Schmidt (Northern California Regional Coordinator), Teresa Priem (Delegate to the Democratic State Party), and all of the lawmakers who signed on and supported the bill, including my representatives, Assembly Member Al Muratsuchi and Senator Ben Allen. I was proud to endorse this bill, and also with the League of Women Voters of California and on the local level, with the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles. Thank you to Georgia Quinn, a LWVLA student member, who interned with the CA Clean Money Campaign in Cluver City this summer.

No other law in the country:

* Requires the top three funders of political ads to be shown clearly and prominently on a solid black background on TV ads.
* Requires true funders to be disclosed on ads even if they try to hide behind layers of front groups.
*Makes it illegal to purposefully deceive voters about who pays for political ads.

Encouragement from Louisiana

I often receive emails from people I have never met, but who have stumbled upon my articles or news about my books or work. It is very encouraging to my heart and mission when I open my inbox and read words of kindness. In today’s world, kindness is needed more than ever. Take the following email I recently received, for example. It comes from Mr. Roderick Nu Darby, the owner of Soulful Eats in Abbeville, Louisiana.




I just wanted to email you and encourage you to keep doing what GOD puts on your heart. So many people are living in this world without the direction and leadership of GOD. I’m offshore in the gulf of mexico on a oil rig, and I was doing some research on the illuminati and modeling industry was linked. I also have a family member in the modeling industry so I wanted to research more and I seen your videos. I have friends all over the world, and I encourage them daily with scripture. I have people I minister to with similar childhood stories as yours that made me very emotional. I tell people all the time the devil wants to destroy our kids at early ages, if we don’t put them in position to understand and feel the power of GOD they will yeild to the temptations the devil brings into their lives. I recall one lady I met with a similar childhood story. She said, “I forgave all the men that raped me, abused me in marriages, but the hardest thing to do was to forgive my mom who physically abused me as a baby and young child.” She also said, “I forgave my mom on her dying bed and felt a peace after doing it.”



The more positive people we have in our lives,the better we become at defeating the devil daily. If you respond or not to this email it doesn’t matter, I just had to encourage you by saying GOD is well pleased. Some of your days may be rough, but keep praying and trusting GOD to lead and order your footsteps daily. My name is Roderick from Louisiana. Have a Blessed Day my sister and Keep fighting for the truth. GOD word must prevail in this last hour.

Much Love and Peace

In Memory of Art Janov

I am very sad today. A dear friend and brilliant psychologist who I learned alot from, Art Janov, passed away. The funeral was today and it is with a heavy heart that I relay this news. When Olivier and I were married, we would spend nights at his house, watching plays that Art, Olivier, and David Foster had worked on.

Art taught me alot about psychology and psychiatry. We would send long emails pertaining to epigenetics and other studies and theories. As someone who is studying to become a psychologist, I looked up to Art tremendously. He pioneered Primal Therapy, if you aren’t familiar, you can find out about it here. 

Today at the funeral, they played Céline Dion’s song, The Colour of My Love. Most of you may not know, but Art wrote the lyrics to the song, while David Foster composed the music. My ex husband and I are very good friends, like brother and sister, and I am extremely proud of the work that he has done with David over the years. Art and Olivier were close.

Most of all, the world has lost a tremendous human being. I think of France, Art’s wife, a magnificent artist. I loved spending time in her art studio and relaxing amongst the flowers. They were a splendid, loving couple. God be with you, Art. Love to you in Heaven.

My book signing and sharing – Montgomery, Alabama

Last week I had a book signing for my memoir, Washed Away: From Darkness to Light in Montgomery, Alabama and it was received with much love. Thank you to each and every person who came and shared about what God has done in their lives; I walked away with life long friends!

It was also an honor to speak and share my testimony with Saints Movement Worship Center International Church, and with Shemika Thomas of Diamonds Mentoring Program. I believe that my personal relationship with Jesus has been an integral part of my healing from addiction, child trauma, eating disorders, and other maladaptive coping behaviors, and even as someone who is studying to be a psychologist, I understand the importance of taking care of our mental and emotional health. But I cannot deny the power of the Holy Spirit when we let him into our hearts and souls – He and only He has the power to heal and restore any affliction and through His love we can become Whole and go out into the world and help others go on to lead healthy and productive lives as well!

We will have a fully edited video of my testimony on the website next week!

God Bless,



Signing copies of Washed Away: From Darkness to Light at Saints Movement Worship Center International Church in Montgomery, Alabama, September 23, 2017.

Taking photos with a sweet fan.

With Ms. Jasmine Lewis of Montgomery, Alabama.

Mrs. Shemika Thomas of Diamonds Mentoring & Empowerment Program, Mrs. Lucille Allen, and Mrs. Gwen Lewis of Saints Movement Worship Center International Church, who hosted me and my book signing.

Pastor Theodore Lewis, husband of Gwen Lewis and head of Saints Movement Worship Center International Church. They are some of the most caring and kindest people she has ever met. True story: Pastor Lewis and Mrs. Gwen never intended to start a church and definitley not what it is now; they started the church in their living room and people kept coming. But where God guides, He provides!

This Year in Advocacy

Here’s a summary of bills I was proud to support this year, and their status:

California Legislation

AB 249, California DISCLOSE Act, authored by Kevin Mullin and Marc Levine – Awaiting signature from Governor Jerry Brown. Would amend the Political Reform Act of 1974. Lets voters know who is paying for ballot measure ads, on the ads themselves. 

*I personally endorsed this piece of legislation and also on behalf of the League of Women Voters of California.

SB 756, authored by Senator Henry Stern – Signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. In short, the bill provides restitution for mental health services to young sexual abuse victims.

*Peaceful Hearts Foundation and Shaw Mind Foundation supported as well.

SB 225, authored by Senator Henry Stern – Enrolled/Awaiting signature from Governor Jerry Brown. Combat human trafficking by updating current trafficking hotline notices to include a text messaging component.

*Peaceful Hearts Foundation and Shaw Mind Foundation supported as well.

AB 1227, authored by Assembly Members Bonta and Low – Ordered to special consent calendar. 09/14/2017
Senate amendments concurred in. To Engrossing and Enrolling. 09/14/2017. Helping to identify and prevent cases of human trafficking through age-appropriate classroom education.

*Peaceful Hearts Foundation and Shaw Mind Foundation supported as well.

New York Legislation 

This year in New York, I worked on one of the toughest and most emotional cases so far. The Child Victims Act, originally S809 then amended several times and authored by Senator Brad Hoylman, was a bill I took on because of my own child sexual abuse. This legislative session we came together as a nation and got the bill all the way to Governor Cuomo’s approval, but were defeated in the Senate (even though the bill received news-worthy bipartisan Senate support). I have hope that 2018 is our year to protect children in the state of New York and pass the Child Victims Act, as child sexual abuse is a public health crisis and is one of the premier causes of mental illness and suicide.

*Peaceful Hearts Foundation, Shaw Mind Foundation, and over twenty non-profits and mental health professionals that I work with supported as well. 

If you have an issue that you would like to work on, please contact me.



LWVLAC: Mental Health Position 2016-2018

League of Women Voters of Los Angeles County

Co-Chairs: Linda Paquette & Nikki DuBose

League of Women Voters of California Mental Health Care

MENTAL HEALTH CARE (Adopted 1989) 

Support for an adequately funded mental health care system which provides comprehensive services to the acutely, chronically and seriously mentally ill of all ages, maintains optimal mental health services for all clients, places emphasis on meeting the needs of children, offers mental health services for the homeless, seeks additional funds for preventative services, implements a master plan to integrate services, raises awareness of critical unmet needs, and emphasizes case management.

Support for the following: 

  1. An adequately funded county mental health care system which:
    1. Provides comprehensive services to the acutely, chronically and seriously mentally ill of all ages;
    2. Place emphasis on meeting the needs of children;
    3. Seeks additional funds to provide preventative services;
    4. Offers mental health services for the homeless;
    5. Maintains optimal mental health services for all clients.
  2. Implementation of a master plan which:
    1. Ensures that there will be a network of integrated community based services clearly defined and consistent;
    2. Advocates an awareness of and concern about the critical unmet needs within the county;
    3. Emphasizes case management which includes assistance with housing, financial, entitlements, rehabilitative and vocational programs.
  3. Centers for the seriously and chronically mentally ill apart from the county system.
  4. Regulations which provide an adequate length of time for evaluation and treatment of involuntary holds.
  5. A model mandatory outpatient care program with adequate supervisory staff.


*Taken from the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles County – Adopted Program 2016-2018

#SpeakingOutLouder Campaign with Rise Together Official

I partnered with Rise Together to bring awareness to the millions who are affected by suicide, bullying, addiction, and more during #NationalRecoveryMonth.

I’m #SpeakingOutLouder because I am a survivor of suicide. In fact, my entire life I’ve dealt with suicidal ideation. My mother was in and out of mental care facilities when I was a teen because she attempted against her life. Some of my friends and family members did not survive suicide, and I believe that if we, as a society, put an end to the shaming, hatred, and blaming, we can help prevent suicide. I think that we have to work together to look for better suicide prevention strategies and invest more in mental health. Every life is precious, and everybody has something valuable to contribute to the world.

-Nikki DuBose
Model, Author, Advocate, Survivor


How are YOU SpeakingOutLouder during #NationalRecoveryMonth? Take a pic with the #SpeakingOutLouder and post on social!

League of Women Voters of California Supports DISCLOSE ACT (AB 249)

I am so proud that the League of Women Voters of California is supporting the DISCLOSEAct (AB 249). As a Board Member for the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles County, I am grateful for the State’s support on this critical issue. Without financial transparency, dark money will continue to run every sector of our political system, thus affecting the people of our nation, instead of the other way around. Financial transparency is staple to a just and fair democracy.

Read the League of Women Voters of California’s statement on the Disclose Act.

Take action and support the DISCLOSE Act. 



Psych Central – I Needed Color to Heal from Depression

Continuing from the last post about my mother’s Bipolar diagnosis and artistic abilities, I thought I’d also touch on how painting can help those who suffer from depression. My mother had serious bouts of depression, where she would sleep for days, sometimes weeks on end. In 2015 I was also diagnosed with clinical depression. In honor of my mother and to help with my depression, I began teaching art therapy techniques to help other…

Read the full post on PsychCentral.

PsychCentral – Seeing Life Differently: Using Art to Heal with Bipolar Disorder

My mother was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when I was a teenager, and for most of my life, I didn’t understand many of the things she said or did. After she passed in 2012, I began my healing journey from trauma, anorexia, and related disorders, and after a couple years, began educating myself about Bipolar, a condition that once terrified me.

My mother was a tremendous artist, gifted; and although she touched many with her creative talents, she could never come to…

Read the rest of the post on PsychCentral.

PsychCentral – Five years ago: For the love of Sandy

Five years ago: For the love of Sandy

Five years ago, my mother Sandy passed away in a car accident. Although the initial investigation from the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office stated that the cause of her accident was due to “some sort of a tire issue, causing the vehicle to veer off the road,” what my family and I know many years and one book later, is that her death was due to alcoholism, and potentially being attacked while driving.

Read the full post on PsychCentral


Eating Disorder Hope: Portraits of An Eating Disorder

Shifting the Focus From Weight to Feelings

Australian-based photographer Jennifer Blau decided to take the focus off of appearance with eating disorder sufferers. She purposefully shot those who were at a societally acceptable “normal weight [1].”

Because eating disorders affect people at all shapes and sizes, Blau had a desire to tilt more on the message that it’s what’s on the inside that matters, as well as our feelings; society needs to be aware, educated, and sensitive to this message. Her exhibition is appropriately entitled “Just Ask Me How I Feel,” on display at Manly-Library [1].

Read the full blog at Eating Disorder Hope.

Bookspin: Self-Image by Nikki DuBose


Inner beauty: you can’t sell it, but it’s your most important feature. Every month on magazine covers, we buy into the promise of “ten steps to…” a better body, bank account, romance, and more, but we hardly focus on the one thing that really matters, which is our souls.
Real happiness is found on the inside. However, we rush off to the stores in an effort to buy our way to true bliss, and this is what keeps us perpetually trapped in the advertising illusion. Things are not bad, neither is wanting to be beautiful, but our minds, souls, and emotions are precious, and they make up the foundation to which all other forms of joy grow. If our minds are out of balance, then how can we expect to ever be truly happy? If we fail to nourish our souls first, then we will never see ourselves as truly beautiful, and we may constantly look to others to validate us.

Read the full post on Book Spin.

Educator Action Plan – Child Victims Act

Educator Action Plan

Smithtown, NY

Senator Flanagan represents the town of Smithtown, NY. Few educators, parents, and coaches are aware of Senator

Flanagan’s chronic attempts to block the Child Victims Act, which protects children from sexual abuse and pro
vides a one-year look back window for survivors to receive justice. Why would Senator Flanagan be portraying the image in his town as a loving family man, when in reality, he is doing the bidding of rich pedophiles such as the cover ups in the Catholic Church who own a majority of real estate in New York?


We must contact these schools and educators in Smithtown and let them know that their Senator has been blocking protection to sexually abused children and justice to survivors. Ask them to call, write, and tweet at Senator Flanagan’s office and let him know that this is unacceptable. Only a YES vote immediately for the Child Victims Act is ok for the citizens of Smithtown. Do they really want to vote for a Senator who doesn’t protect kids? The average time it takes for kids to report sexual abuse is 21 years – current law only allows till age 23.




  1. Dogwood Elementary School

‪Twitter: .@SCSD_DEL ‪‏


Address: 50 Dogwood Dr, Smithtown, NY 11787

Phone: (631) 382-4250

District: Smithtown Central School District


  1. Accompsett Middle School

‪‪Twitter: .@SCSD_AMS

Facebook Pages:

Address: 1 Lincoln St, Smithtown, NY 11787

Phone: (631) 382-4155

District: Smithtown Central School District

Main Office: (631) 382-2300

Assistant Principal – Mr. Hellmuth: (631) 382-2305

Health Office: (631) 382-2320

Counseling Center: (631) 382-2310


  1. Smithtown High School East

Twitter:  .‪@SCSD_HSE

Facebook (for High School West):


Address: 10 School Street, Saint James, NY 11780

Main Office: (631) 382-2705

Health Office: (631) 382-2710

Attendance Office: (631) 382-2716

Counseling Center: (631) 382-2750

Principal – Dr. Simmons (631) 382-2705

Assistant Principal – Mr. Aleci: (631) 382-2740

Assistant Principal – Mr. Pettis: (631) 382-2760


  1. Branch Brook Elementary School

Address: 15 Ridgeley Rd, Smithtown, NY 11787

Phone: (631) 382-4200

District: Smithtown Central School District

Health Office: (631) 382-4210

Principal – Ms. Westrack: (631) 382-4205



Board of Education

  1. Smithtown Central School District


Main Email:

District Clerk: (631) 382-2012

  1. Christopher Alcure, President on Linkedin:


  1. Joanne McEnroy, Vice President

on Twitter .‪@jmcenroy55

On Linkedin:

 Gladys M. Waldron, Trustee Phone: 631.265.1575


  1. Grace Plourde, Trustee Phone: (631) 979-0367


  1. Jeremy Thode, Trustee On Twitter .‪@vobstorm13 ‪‏

Email: Phone: 631.220.5543


  1. Daniel B. Lynch, Trustee

Phone: (631) 724-2684

58 Theodore St. Smithtown, NY 11787


  1. Michael Saidens, Trustee

Phone: (631) 262-8914

3 Kim Ave. Smithtown, NY 11787




  1. Paul McNeil, Principal at Accompsett Middle School

‪Twitter: .@paulemcneil ‪‏

Work Phone: (631) 382-2305


  1. Robe Rose, Asst. Principal at Smithtown High School East

‪Twitter: .@rrose11 ‪‏

Work: (631) 382-2720


  1. Ms. Jennifer Bradshaw, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Smithtown Central School District

‪‪Twitter: .@jentrifugal



  1. James Grossane, Ed.d

Superintendent of schools

Smithtown Central School District


  1. Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services

Ms. Mona Tobin

Smithtown Central School District


  1. Assistant Superintendent for Personnel

Mr. Neil Katz

Twitter: .@PersonnelSCSD ‪‏ ‪‏

Smithtown Central School District


  1. Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations

Mr. Andrew Tobin

Smithtown Central School District


Virtual Advocacy – Child Victims Act

Thank you for your dedication in protecting children from sexual abuse. In
the state of New York, 150 children are sexually abused every day, and outdated laws are doing nothing to help them. YOU can change that, but time is running out. The Assembly nearly unanimously voted in favor of the Child Victims Act, AND Governor Cuomo approved, but now we are urging the Senate to bring the Child Victim’s Act to the Floor for a YES Vote. 

You can get the Child Victims Act passed now!

  1. If you live in New York, click here to take action.
  2. If you live outside of New York, click here and make your voice heard! 

Again, thank you for joining us in the fight for justice.


Nikki DuBose and Gary Greenberg 

Messaging for Advocates (Outside of New York)

Senator’s contact info!  

Messaging for Advocates Outside of New York

On Twitter


  1. .@LeaderFlanagan The Assembly Republicans passed the #childvictimsact. Kids now looking to Senate GOP for same.
  2. .@LeaderFlanagan Protecting children from sexual abuse is the right thing to do. Please vote YES for #ChildVictimsAct


Calling Script

Senator’s contact info!


“Hi, my name is______________. I’m calling to urge Senator _________ to pass the Child

Victims Act because __________________________. I don’t live in New York, but passing

this bill is that important because children everywhere deserve to be protected. Not only is the Child Victims Act critical

to protecting kids, but it saves the state an enormous amount of money in costs related to abuse. (Optional:

You can reach me at_________________). Thank you for your time and I look forward to

seeing the Child Victims Act being signed into law this year.”


+++Note: You can modify the script to make it more personal to you. We want to be careful not 

to attack any lawmakers, but try to persuade them with the message of protecting kids+++



By Email

Senator’s Contact Info! 


Dear Senator (Insert Last Name Here),


A few sentences explaining why protecting children is so important to you. This can also be a few sentences relating to your personal story.

The Child Victims Act is here to protect children. Children, who right now, are being sexually abused. Every year, the CDC reports that 43,000 children in the state of New York are sexually abused. These children grow up to become what we call survivors, which cost the state hundreds of thousands in costs due to mental health, emotional, educational and physical damage. Shouldn’t we take steps to not only protect children, but save New York a tremendous amount of money in preventative care?


Thank you for your time. I urge you to vote YES on the Child Victims Act. Kids are depending on your support!



Your Name

Organization (if applicable)




By Mail

Senator’s Contact Info! 

Please refer to my advocacy page for letters of support.

++++Note: You need to change S809/Omnibus Child Victims Act to Child Victims Act. 

++++++Again, Senate mailing addresses can be found here. 




Messaging for New York Advocates

Find your Senator here.

Messaging for New York Advocates

On Twitter


  1. .@LeaderFlanagan Protecting Children from sexual abuse is the right thing to do. Let’s compromise on a bill and pass #ChildVictimsAct.


Calling Script


“Hi, my name is______________ and I’m Senator ___________________ constituent.

I’m calling to urge Senator _________ to pass the Child Victims Act because __________________________.  The Assembly approves of this measure, and we need to come to a compromise on this issue now because 150 children are sexually abused every day in New York. Passing the Child Victims Act is so important because children everywhere deserve to be protected.   (Optional: You can reach me at_________________). Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing the Child Victims Act being signed into law this year.”


+++Note: You can modify the script to make it more personal to you. We want to be careful not to attack any lawmakers, but try to persuade them with the message of protecting kids+++


By Email 


Dear Senator (Insert Last Name Here),


A few sentences explaining why protecting children is so important to you. This can also be a few sentences relating to your personal story.


The Assembly approves of this measure, and now children need your support! Let’s come to a compromise on this issue.  The Child Victims Act is here to protect children. Children, who right now, are being sexually abused. Every year, the CDC reports that 43,000 children in the state of New York are sexually abused. These children grow up to become what we call survivors, which cost the state hundreds of thousands in costs due to mental health, emotional, educational and physical damage. Shouldn’t we take steps to not only protect children, but save New York a tremendous amount of money in preventative care?


Thank you for your time. I urge you to vote YES on the Child Victims Act and be a hero for kids everywhere.



Your Name

Organization (if applicable)




By Mail

Please refer to my advocacy page for letters of support.

Note: Please change S809 to Child Victims Act.



Senate List – Child Victims Act

Call, Write, Email and Urge these New York Senators on Social Media to PASS the Child Victims Act!

(D) Addabbo Joseph 159-53 102nd St. Howard Beach, NY 11414 (718) 738-1111 613 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2322 (518) 426-6875
(R) Akshar Frederick 44 Hawley Street Room 1607 Binghamton, NY 13901 (607) 773-8771 805 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2677 (518) 426-6720
(D) Alcantara Marisol 5030 Broadway Suite 701 & 702 New York, NY 10034 (212) 544-0173 513 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2041 (518) 426-6847
(R) Amedore George 721 Broadway Suite 100 Kingston, NY 12401 (845) 331-3810 802 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2350 (518) 426-6751 Abuse @ guilderland school; voted no on floor in ’08 as an Assemblyman
(D) Avella Tony 38-50 Bell Boulevard Suite C Bayside, NY 11361 (718) 357-3094 902 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2210 (518) 426-6736 Support won’t co-sponsor
(D) Bailey Jamaal 959 East 233rd St. Bronx, NY 10466-3207 (718) 547-8854 707 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2061 (518) 426-6998
(R) Bonacic John 201 Dolson Avenue Suite F Middletown, NY 10940 (845) 344-3311 509 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3181 (518) 426-6948
(R) Boyle Phil 69 W Main Street Suite B Bay Shore, NY 11706 (631)
665-2311 814 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3411 (518) 426-6973 voted yes on floor in ’08 as Assemblyman
(D) Breslin Neil 414 State Capitol Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2225 (518) 426-6807
(D) Brooks John 5550 Merrick Road Suite 205 Massapequa, NY 11758 (516) 882-0630 302 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2765 (518) 426-6925 Support co-sponsor
(D) Carlucci David 20 South Main Street New City, NY 10956 (845) 623-3627 848 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2991 (518) 426-6737 Support co-sponsor
(D) Comrie Leroy 113-43 Farmers Boulevard St. Albans, NY 11412 (718) 454-0162 617 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2701 (518) 455-2816 Support co-sponsor
(R) Croci Tom 250 Veterans Memorial Highway NYS Office Building, Rm 3B-41 Hauppauge, NY 11788 (631) 360-3356 306 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3570 (518) 426-6741
(R) DeFrancisco John 800 State Office Building 333 E. Washington Street Syracuse, NY 13202 (315) 428-7632 416 State Capitol Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3511 (518) 426-6952 Oppose Opposes the window
(D) Diaz Ruben 900 Rogers Place Bronx, NY 10459 (718) 991-3161 606 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2511 (518) 426-6945 Oppose He’s given mixed signals to advocates, told the Leader he opposes
(D) Dilan Martin 573 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 573-1726 711B Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2177 (518) 426-6947 Support co-sponsor
(D) Felder Simcha 1412 Avenue J Suite 2E Brooklyn, NY 11230 (718) 253-2015 944 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2754 (518) 426-6931 Oppose Opposed to complete elimination of civil SOL and window; position could change if Flanagan supports a bill
(R) Flanagan John 260 Middle County Road Suite 102 Smithtown, NY 11787 (631) 361-2154 330 State Capitol Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2051 (518) 426-6904 Oppose
(R) Funke Rich Packetts Landing Suite 230 Fairport, NY 14450 (585) 223-1800 905 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2215 (518) 426-6745
(R) Gallivan Patrick 2721 Transit Road Suite 116 Elma, NY 14059 (716) 656-8544 947 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3471 (518) 426-6949
(D) Gianaris Michael 31-19 Newtown Avenue Suite 402 Astoria, NY 11102 (718) 728-0960 413 State Capitol Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3486 (518) 426-6929 Support co-sponsor
(R) Golden Martin 7408 5th Avenue 1st Floor Brooklyn, NY 11209 (718) 238-6044 409 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2730 (518) 426-6910
(R) Griffo Joseph 207 Genesee Street Room 408 Utica, NY 13501 (315) 793-9072 612 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3334 (518) 426-6921
(D) Hamilton Jesse 1669 Bedford Avenue 2nd Floor & Mezzanine Brooklyn, NY 11225 (718) 284-4700 608 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2431 (518) 426-6856
(R) Hannon Kemp 595 Stewart Ave. Suite 540 Garden City, NY 11530 (516) 739-1700 420 State Capitol Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2200 (518) 426-6954
(R) Helming Pamela 119 Fall St. Seneca Falls, NY 13148 (315) 568-9816 509 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2366 (518) 426-6953
(D) Hoylman Brad 322 Eighth Avenue Suite 1700 New York, NY 10001 (212) 633-8052 413 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2451 (518) 426-6846 Support Bill Sponsor
(R) Jacobs Christopher 65 Court Street Rm 213 Buffalo, NY 14202 (716) 854-8705 946 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3240 (518) 426-6738
(D) Kaminsky Todd 55 Front Street Room 1 Rockville Centre, NY 11570 (516) 766-8011 311 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3401 (518) 426-6914 Support co-sponsor
(D) Kennedy Timothy 2239 South Park Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14220 (716) 826-2683 506 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2426 (518) 426-6851 Support co-sponsor
(D) Klein Jeffrey 1250 Waters Place Suite 1202 Bronx, NY 10461 (718) 822-2049 913 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3595 (518) 426-6887 Support co-sponsor
(D) Krueger Liz 1850 Second Avenue New York, NY 10128 (212) 490-9535 808 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2297 (518) 426-6874 Support co-sponsor
(R) Lanza Andrew 3845 Richmond Avenue Suite 2A Staten Island, NY 10312 (718) 984-4073 708 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3215 (518) 426-6852 Oppose Opposed to the window only
(R) Larkin William 1093 Little Britain Road New Windsor, NY 12553 (845) 567-1270 502 State Capitol Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2770 (518) 426-6923
(D) Latimer George 222 Grace Church Street Suite 300 Port Chester, NY 10573 (914) 934-5250 615 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2031 (518) 426-6860
(R) LaValle Kenneth 28 North Country Road Suite 203 Mount Sinai, NY 11766 (631) 473-1461 806 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3121 (518) 426-6826
(R) Little Elizabeth 5 Warren Street Suite 3 Glens Falls, NY 12801 (518) 743-0968 310 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2811 (518) 426-6873
(R) Marcellino Carl 250 Townsend Square Oyster Bay, NY 11771 (516) 922-1811 811 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2390 (518) 426-6975
(R) Marchione Kathleen 1 Halfmoon Town Plaza Halfmoon, NY 12065 (518) 371-2751 918 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2381 (518) 426-6985
(D) Montgomery Velmanette 30 Third Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217 (718) 643-6140 903 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3451 (518) 426-6854 Support co-sponsor
(R) Murphy Terrence 40 Gleneida Avenue 3rd Floor Carmel, NY 10512 (845) 279-3773 817 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3111 (518) 426-6977
(R) O’Mara Thomas 105 East Steuben Street Bath, NY 14810 (607) 776-3201 307 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2091 (518) 426-6976 Oppose Opposes suing institutions; voted no in ’08 as an Assemblyman
(R) Ortt Robert 175 Walnut Street Suite 6 Lockport, NY 14094 (716) 434-0680 815 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2024 (518) 426-6987
(D) Parker Kevin 55 Hansen Place Suite 650 Brooklyn, NY 11217 (718) 629-6401 604 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2580 (518) 426-6843 Support co-sponsor
(D) Peralta Jose 32-37 Junction Boulevard East Elmhurst, NY 11369 (718) 205-3881 415 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2529 (518) 426-6909 Support co-sponsor
(D) Persaud Roxanne 1222 East 96th Street Brooklyn, NY 11236 (718) 649-7653 504 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2788 (518) 426-6806
(R) Phillips Elaine 252 Mineola Boulevard Mineola, NY 11501-2421 (516) 746-5924 915 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3265 (518) 426-6739
(R) Ranzenhofer Michael 8203 Main Street Suite 4 Williamsville, NY 14221 (716) 631-8695 609 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3161 (518) 426-6963 Oppose Staff said the senator doesn’t believe victims should be allowed to sue in civil court
(R) Ritchie Patty Dulles State Office Building Room 418 Watertown, NY 13601 (315) 782-3418 412 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3438 (518) 426-6740
(D) Rivera Gustavo 2432 Grand Concouse Suite 506 Bronx, NY 10458 (718) 933-2034 408 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3395 (518) 426-6858 Support co-sponsor
(R) Robach Joseph 2300 West Ridge Road Rochester, NY 14626 (585) 225-3650 803 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2909 (518) 426-6938
(D) Sanders James 142-01 Rockaway Blvd. South Ozone Park, NY 11436 (718) 523-3069 508 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3531 (518) 426-6859 Support co-sponsor
(D) Savino Diane 36 Richmond Terrace Suite 112 Staten Island, NY 10301 (718) 727-9406 315 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2437 (518) 426-6943 Support co-sponsor
(R) Serino Susan 4254 Albany Post Road Hyde Park, NY 12538 (845) 229-0106 812 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2945 (518) 426-6770
(D) Serrano Jose 1916 Park Avenue Suite 202 New York, NY 10029 (212) 828-5829 406 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2795 (518) 426-6886 Support co-sponsor
(R) Seward James 41 South Main Street Oneonta, NY 13820 (607) 432-5524 430 State Capitol Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3131 (518) 455-3123
(D) Squadron Daniel 250 Broadway Suite 2011 New York, NY 10013 (212) 298-5565 515 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2625 (518) 426-6956 Support co-sponsor
(D) Stavisky Toby 142-29 37th Ave Suite 1 Flushing, NY 11354 (718) 445-0004 706 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3461 (518) 426-6857 Support co-sponsor
(D) Stewart-Cousins Andrea 28 Wells Avenue Building 3 Yonkers, NY 10701 (914) 423-4031 907 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2585 (518) 426-6811 Support co-sponsor
(R) Tedisco James 636 Plank Rd. 1st Floor Clifton Park , NY 12065-2046 (518) 885-1829 711 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2181 (518) 426-6821 Voted no in “08 as an Assemblyman
(NA) Vacant Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247
S D Valesky David 805 State Office Building 333 East Washington Street Syracuse, New York 13202 (315) 478-8745 512 Legislative Office Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-2838 (518) 426-6885
(R) Young Catharine 700 West State Street Westgate Plaza Olean, NY 14760 (716) 372-4901 428 State Capitol Building Albany NY 12247 (518) 455-3563 (518) 426-6905 Oppose Opposes the window; voted yes on floor as Assembly Woman in ’08

Nature is God’s Artwork

Nature is God’s artwork. Sometimes when I’m having a stressful day, I take a walk outside, breathe in the fresh air, and take photos of the beautiful nature that I’m so blessed to be surrounded by.

Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina, I was exposed to all kinds of plants and wildlife, from alligators to pelicans, Crepe myrtles to the hanging Spanish moss trees.

On the west coast, the nature is quite different, but absolutely lovely. Did you know that you can find art anywhere? Those exposed branches on the side of the road, the dying flower, and dried leaves are all beautiful, it just takes a bit
of mindfulness to appreciate their beauty.
It’s just like us, sometimes when we don’t feel at our best, we can’t see what’s beautiful about ourselves. But God sees us perfectly and complete. We are never washed up or too dull for Him. We are all part of a larger masterpiece, a divine art that spans for all eternity.

Ex-state senator hired by Boy Scouts to lobby against Child Victims Act shows Albany swamp needs draining

When you’re a crook, there are no limits to the depths you will go to cover up your filth. Just ask most of the New York politicians, including former Senator Craig Johnson, who is a key ally and fundraising partner for the Independent Democratic Conference, led by Senator Jeff Klein.

Read the full article on NY Daily News.

Walk in my shoes, hear my story.


Dear Friends,

On June 7th, 2017, Gary Greenberg of Fighting for Children PAC (Protect NY Kids), Peaceful Hearts Foundation and Nikki DuBose along with Lauren’s Kids will host a “Walk in My Shoes” display at the Albany Capitol with accompanying stories from survivor’s/victims impact statements displayed to raise awareness during Children’s Awareness Month. Although this month typically brings awareness to the violence against kids, we are standing up and calling forth to the sexual violence and sexual abuse that affects more than 43,000 children annually in the state of New York and more than 43,000,000 around the nation. You can help in two ways. 

  1. Donating shoes. We are collecting men’s shoes, women’s shoes, children’s shoes of all types – high end, tattered, athletic, and so forth, to show that sexual violence can affect anyone, regardless of age, race, religion, gender, socioeconomic status, etc. We need shoes and stories to show lawmakers the enormous impact that sexual violence has on our society. After the event, all of the shoes will be donated to a local homeless shelter or rape crisis center.
  2. Participating virtually. Take a picture of your shoes and upload to social media with the #walkinmyshoes #s809 along with a sentence on why ending child sexual abuse is so important to you. We will repost every entry.


You can contact and for more info.

Please send shoes to:

Kathie Alvaro
2568 Western Ave.
Apt 5-7
Altamont, N.Y. 12009

THANK YOU for joining us in the pledge to end child sexual abuse!!



Peaceful Hearts Foundation, Nikki DuBose, Gary Greenberg and Lauren’s Kids



Addiction Hope: Marijuana Dubbed the Next “Wonder Drug” for Heroin Patients

This year I am celebrating six years of sobriety from alcohol and drugs, addictions that took seed at thirteen years old. Actually, I had my first drink at three because my late mother thought it would be funny to see my reaction after sipping a Long Island Iced Tea.

It wasn’t funny, though, as my genetic makeup combined with an abusive environment laid the groundwork for unhealthy coping behaviors to manifest. As a teen, I grabbed onto alcohol, prescription pills, cocaine and LSD like candy and water.

Needing More and More

Eventually, I needed more and more to create the “high” feeling to take me away from reality. At some point, “high” wasn’t good enough anymore, and I needed death to quiet my loneliness.

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Eating Disorder Hope: How Children’s Body Confidence Can Start at Home

I remember the first time I felt self-conscious about my appearance. I was four, and my cousin Thomas proceeded to make fun of the birthmark on my butt cheek, which is shaped like a man’s face. It was then that I felt shame, realizing that my body was something others could use to make fun of.

A few years later, I binged to deal with sexual and physical abuse by my mother and a male figure. Looking back, I realize how much I was bullied within my own family; harmful words were used to describe my maturing body and face.

In turn, I developed body dysmorphic disorder, bulimia, and suicidal tendencies.

Negative Body Talk in the Home

Children are vulnerable, sensitive to their environments. If parents and caretakers are not careful, poor choices in words can have damaging effects on their children’s mental health.

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Eating Disorder Hope: Creating Art to Recover from Eating Disorders

I was naturally a shy, introverted child. Add in an abusive environment, a mother with severe mental illness, substance abuse, and an early battle with eating disorders, and my shyness was lit on fire.

Turning inward to the extreme and developing depression, playdates in my room with stencils, colored pencils and drawing pads were my everything. This was my way to connect to life and imaginary people.

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PsychCentral: Sexual Predators Employed at Summer Camps in Florida, New York Still Failing Children

Child sexual predators often place themselves in areas where they have easy access to children. This is one reason why teachers, babysitters, nannies, mothers, fathers, priests, and summer camp workers make excellent abusers. And while Florida has made great strides to protect children from predators in child-care centers, they are falling behind in one major area: summer camp. (1)

Recently, the Palm Beach Post probed and discovered that camps in Florida have no restrictions, therefore there are no boundaries placed on how the camps operate. (1) Abuse can happen and does happen, and nobody is there to prevent or stop it.

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Addiction Hope: Q & A with Author Nikki DuBose on Addiction

Author Nikki DuBose of Washed Away: From Darkness to Light was recently interviewed on addiction and recovery. Here she offers a recap on everything from when her addiction began to how to help a loved one who may be suffering.

1. Can you pinpoint when your problems with addiction began?

I was wired for addiction – my mother had bipolar and dissociative identity disorder and her mother (she was adopted) died from cirrhosis of the liver as a result of alcoholism.

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Eating Disorder Hope: Learning to Trust God in Recovery Process

“. . . Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me . . .”

I let the words sink in, and then I looked out my bedroom window that overlooked the water; for once, I took in the scenery not in fear, but in admiration of the sun as it descended below the horizon. The setting of the sun was a reminder of the magnificence of creation.

“If God made the sun, surely he made me. He must love me, too. I’m going to believe that no matter what, God is with me. When I’m afraid, God is right by my side. I might not see Him physically, but I can see him with my soul; simply because I believe that God is with me, He is,” I thought.

Washed Away: From Darkness to Light

Today as I hiked with my blind and deaf Australian Shepherd and friends up and down rocky trails and around the azure waves of the Pacific, I was amazed at the beauty of God’s creation and the magnitude of his power.

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Addiction Hope: From Victim to Victorious

I had to get rid of the victim mentality to move forward in my healing journey. I couldn’t become a victor until I stopped believing that I was a victim.

Victim and victor sound similar, but the only thing that separates them are the last two letters; a small difference, with an enormous impact. Sometimes in life two letters is all it takes – or that extra dedication to recovery – to make a substantial change.

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Eating Disorder Hope: The Process of Transformation

When recovering from eating disorders and body dysmorphia, one of the biggest challenges can be to change our inner perception, that negative self-talk, especially when we have a distorted outer vision of ourselves.

The Way We See Ourselves

However, we must consciously work on shifting the way we see ourselves on the inside, before we will ever love who we are on the outside. Everything begins in the mind. In my debut memoir, Washed Away: From Darkness to Light, I write about how I was able to wipe away that negative, monstrous outer image, starting from the inside [1].

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PsychCentral: With Child Sexual Abuse, Awareness is Critical, but Prevention is Key

My parents trusted Robbie since he played Mr. Fix-it, but Uncle Robbie played other games—secret games that only he and I knew about. Whenever he fixed something in my house, and no one was around, he asked me to play. At first, I agreed, but soon I discovered that these were not fun games, they were painful. These were games I never won.

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PsychCentral: Whole Foods Fails to Help Consumers, Not Truly Conscious

“What will matter 100 years from now: Your organic fruit, or the fact that you chose not to stand up for children who have been sexually abused?” That was the question I posed to Whole Foods Market executives on Tuesday, February 28th, at the Omni Hotel in downtown San Francisco. Myself along with other key business leaders, anti-animal abuse organizations and child sexual abuse advocates, came together that day to encourage Co-CEO John Mackey to disavow his relationship from alleged child sexual abuser Marc Gaffni.

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