Momma Sez

Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina, I was heavily influenced by the Gullah culture. My momma spoke Geechee, as we called it, which is a dying mixture related to Bahamiam Dialect, Barbadian Dialect, Belezian Dialect, Jamaican Patois, Trinidadian Creole, and the Krio language of Sierra Leone found in West Africa.

When my momma was angry or excited, she would often switch from English to Gullah, or the “Sea Island Creole” language. It can be very difficult to understand, and I am passionate about preserving the culture. I hate to see the culture disappear because of tourism and other reasons. I hope through my poetry and future books I can help to educate and preserve this special language.


My Eternity

Good evening
I love you,
Now bow to the moon.
Go to sleep
Rest your eyes
Dream of our love.
The possibilities
That can arise
Only in Heaven
A breath, a sigh
Then we are back
Here, now.
Good morning
I love you,
Let us bow to the sun.
Your eyes glisten
Through them I see,
My dreams, my eternity.

©2016 Nikki DuBose

Enchanted Holiday

Golden beams dance across my bed
I arise, in wonder of the day ahead.
Carolina wrens flutter at my feet
offering kisses as we meet.

Cinnamon and pumpkin
fill my nose
as I fantasize about the magic
that awaits in mommy’s oven.

“Daffodil, hurry!”
“Harriot, at once!”
snowy feathers and gold dust
surround my heart
and carry me to the sky

I soar
like a fairy
in the house I am weightless, free
I observe the family below
in holiday bliss
singing Christmas carols
talking about Ol’ Saint Nick

I squeal with glee and wiggle my toes
as Daffodil and Harriot
Release me safely into mommy’s arms

I gaze back into the night
a thousand stars
are winking
Until we meet again.

©2015 Nikki DuBose


Christmas Poem for Momma


It’s not all the times

when I hear children laughing,

watch families embracing

across a wintry park

or see lovers holding hands

in a busy cafe

that makes me miss you most.

It’s not all the times

when I hear a sad song,

your song

any song

that makes me miss you most.

It’s every time

that I want to

reach out and tell you

how much I love you

or simply that

you’re my angel

that’s when I miss you most.

©2015 Nikki DuBose

In honor of our late mother, Sandy Cargile.

We love and miss you mom.


Nikki and Anthony.


The Cure

I searched for myself
inside of bottles, liquids
pills and powders too
I took my pain
and numbed it with food
starved myself
’till I was nearly dead
Then one day
as I lay broken on the floor
a man appeared before me
“Are you ready to be healed
take my hand
All you have to do
is accept me.”

©2015 Nikki DuBose

Love Song

We went swimming

on those distant shores

azure waves

carried our love

to the birds

Every morning

we returned to the birds

a love song birthed

captured in time.

Now you are in the sky

with the birds

still I return to the

distant shores

azure waves

carry my heart

to your soul

as we play

in a kingdom come

mother and daughter

a love song birthed.

©2015 Nikki DuBose

Happy 48th Birthday to our beautiful mommy in Heaven, Sandy Cargile. This poem is dedicated to you. We love and miss you more than you can ever know. We take comfort in the times we had together, and knowing that one day we will all be together again. Thank you for all of the memories.

Artwork by my mother, Sandy Cargile.


The Golden Letter

The Golden Letter to My Mind_Nikki_DuBose_Poetry_2015

Late one winter’s eve

as the wind mocked and moaned

I uncovered a golden letter

and here is what it read:

‘O, Frankly my mind

I am no respecter of your thoughts

No longer your slave

A prisoner of your delusions

I am not.

You wail in the night

singing for my soul,

and whisper quietly in the stills of the day

concealing your intentions

But I,

I am free

Frankly my mind

I am me.’

©2015 Nikki DuBose

High Above This Tree

From high above this tree mom
I can do anything
I can soar with the birds
Sing their melodies
I am one with nature.
From high above this tree mom
I am able to conquer
my deepest fears.
From high above this tree mom
I am exactly where
I want to be
In your arms

©2014 Nikki DuBose

We love and miss you mom.

Nikki and Anthony.

Face of Fear

Moving in the face of fear

drowning in a sea of devils,

I saw hope all around me

pushing me forward.

I suddenly felt courage

like never before.

‘Who are you?’

The devils sneered,

‘How dare you try to pass by.’

Dripping with uncertainty I glanced down

With one hand I gripped my fist,

pointed my finger in a demon’s eye

and screamed,

‘Who are YOU!’

blowing them away with one breath,

laughing as I passed by.

©2014 Nikki DuBose

Glory Dance Day

And in these quiet places
in the secret moments of our hearts
a garden blossoms
Long awaited
it is the arrival of hope
faith and love
cultivated by a prism of miracles
Tiny angels dance around
in sweet succulent honeydew
to announce the presence
of victories’ glorious overdue.

©2013 Nikki DuBose


Happy Birthday Mommy, January 22-1967- August 25, 2012

Heaven holds your beauty
But you hold our hearts
Can’t see it truly
It’s so dear to us

We don’t see it clearly
Cause the pain is so near
Since you left too
We’ve been missing you here

Happy Birthday mommy
This world is so grey
Broken glass and shallow
Holding nothing
at bay

Happy Birthday mommy
We will see you tonight
When you come to greet us
With your spirit so bright.

©2013 Nikki DuBose


We love and miss you mom,
Love Nikki and Anthony

As I sat in the juniper garden with her, her dark hair flowing in and beneath the purple sun, glistening with the waves crashing softly in the background, I suddenly felt as though I were truly alive and at peace. There she was, all at once, my beautiful mother. In all of her glory, the pristine and angelic presence of her shone like the sea and I felt that no matter what I did for the rest of my life, I would be okay, protected and invincible. No one could hurt me. My mother was there; watching, helping and guiding. Her intoxicating smell of vanilla enveloped my senses like a deep, warm hug and I knew that I was loved forever. That kind of love that only a mother can give. I rested my head in her lap as I had so many times as a child and fell asleep. We flew to another time, another place, only to be known as Heaven. Our Heaven. Our Heart. Our World. Eternal.

©2013 Nikki DuBose

Desiree Lucille Dopson, Heaven’s Angels Have Gained You

Desiree, Desiree, Our sweetest Desiree
Heaven knows no time or space
You hold the keys to our
Desiree, Desiree, Our sweet Desiree,
God is holding the beauty of your face.

When the clouds of Breath roll on
You will see we can’t go on
Without you,
Our sweet Desiree,

Desiree, Desiree, Our Sweet Desiree,
God is holding the beauty of your face.

Our Sweet Lord
This we pray
Take these endless tears away
Our nighttime cries
They just won’t go away

Desiree, Desiree, Our Sweet Desiree,
God is holding the beauty of your face.

©2012 Nikki DuBose

August 14, 2012

Rest in Eternal Peace with Our Heavenly Father, Desiree Lucille Dopson. September 24, 1968 – August 10, 2012. Heaven gained an angel, and I cannot wait to see you one day.
I love you and miss you. Thank you for all of the love and joy you brought into mine and so many across the world. Forever missed and never forgotten, only celebrated.